“Our philosophy is to keep people in their comfort zone,” says Roel Kwaspen, Sales at Noble Rides.

At IAAPA Expo, InterPark discussed in length the aspirations of Noble Rudes and why the company is dedicated to forging a new path in the leisure industry.

“We came up with the brand name of Noble Rides, based in Switzerland. Our concept is we design and engineer in Europe and in the US using international components and manufacture in China. Noble Rides is a 100% subsidiary of Jinma Rides but we are based in Switzerland.”

“We aim to give our European clients the best of both worlds as they can feel comfortable as our projects are designed and engineered in Europe and come with full TUV certifications in our scope of delivery. All our spare parts and services can be dealt with from Europe. The same we can do in the US with out Noble Rides US branch.”

The company were established in 2019 with the priority to reinvent the wheel in what they call “an old-fashioned structured industry.”

Noble Rides provide high quality amusement rides tailored to the needs of its client. Its portfolio of attractions include Roller Coasters, Ferris Wheels, Tower Rides and Water Rides.

And a key factor in delivering its products is its customer service. Noble Rides aims to provide unique attention regardless the size or status of the client, focussing on what is necessary for a client to have a successful product. Therefore, its clients are involved in how they make use of its supply chain, choice of resources in together choosing what is best for the any given project.

“This is our identity,” added Kwaspen. “This new direction has created less resistance in the market thanks to clearer communication and greater output of quality products. We are receptive to what the client wants and we are extremely flexibility to their requests.

Kwaspen is an experienced profession with more than 25 years working in the industry. He has been extensively involved in both ride creations and theming, with or without rides such as building a complete indoor FEC in Dubai Mall. His educational background saw him gain a Masters as a textile engineer and his trajectory covers working in Vietnam for seven years.

“What I have learnt and now work on is with Noble Rides we provide a full concept from start to finish and within all the people in our network we will work towards what the client wants.

“We provide this service for two reasons, one because we have the expertise in the field and two for competitive reasons; we want to be different and personable, and pride ourselves on that. Our company’s aim is to maintain a sensible growth so we keep that personalized touch with the client so we sit next to them to work on projects as a dedicated partner as opposed to opposite them.

“We decided with Noble Rides that we want to go in this direction: being disruptive, reinventing and creative and revel in being different.”

Image: Noble Rides