Romps Water Port, the full-service marina on central Lake Erie in Vermillion, Ohio, has replaced its old concrete-built golf course with an 18-hole modular Anywhere Links Jr mini-golf course from Adventure Golf & Sports (AGS).

AGS are specialists in designing, building and renovating miniature golf courses.

Romps Water Port is a 17-acre facility, which features a mini golf course attraction within a 250-dock marina.

The facility installed the prefabricated mini golf course. Using a patented interlocking panel system, the course replaced the 36-hole concrete-built course, which started as a franchised course in the mid-1960s.

John Gabriel, co-owner of Romps Water Port in Vermillion, Ohio, commented on the new course: “There was just like a checklist of things we wanted. And the Adventure Golf product checked all the boxes.

“We were very excited that is was easy to install. It was something we could install. That way, we could place the course as we saw fit. And then, if you want… you can even move it around a little bit, change it up a little. So that was nice.

“And the pre-cut carpet is really a winner. The old days, we would literally have to hire carpet companies to come out and glue it down and all kind of things. Having it laser-cut to the exact shape and proportion to fit the hole is another box checked: ease of maintenance,” Gabriel added.