Unveiled to industry press during a media event on April 23, Bazyliszek represents a new generation of dark ride for Poland.

The ride was created by Alterface, Jora Vision and ETF Ride Systems for Legendia theme park in Chorzow, Upper Silesia (just outside Katowice). Formerly known as Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko, it is the oldest family amusement park in Poland but has been undergoing a steady transformation in recent years and now includes five themed zones.

Bazyliszek (Basilisk) is the first major interactive dark ride in Poland and offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Alterface has overseen the total ride experience as main contractor, applying its latest interactive technology including video mapping, gameplay, show control and shooting devices. Jora Vision was responsible for the theming of the ride and its queue areas, having previously developed the park’s new master plan. ETF manufactured the trackless Multi mover ride vehicles, finished in keeping with the Basilisk theme.

“Interactive dark rides are becoming very popular,” notes Legendia CEO, Pawel Cebula. “Poland is catching up on theme park entertainment, and we are really pleased to offer such a high-tech ride specifically designed for Legendia. Our goal was to build a high-level dark ride around a well-known Polish legend, and at an affordable budget. Thanks to the dedication and involvement of the

Alterface and Jora Vision teams we managed to create a unique new attraction.” “We have been very privileged to work together with such talented people who all went the extra mile to build a wonderful ride we can be proud of,” adds Alterface founder and CEO, Benoit Cornet. “This top-notch dark ride with latest technology will put Legendia firmly on the map in Poland and Europe.”

“The story of the Bazyliszek is based on authentic Polish folklore”, explains Simeon van Tellingen, creative director at Jora Vision. “Guests board a vehicle to make an exciting journey through the magical forests of Poland. Trees and plants come to life and take all kind of forms and shapes, aligning the scenery with the story and enhancing the ride experience for the entire family.”

Stéphane Battaille, chief operations officer at Alterface, comments: “It was interesting to bring this fascinating and epic story alive together with our trusted partners. With the new Bazyliszek ride we created a diverse mix of the newest media techniques, including video mapping and projections in black lights. Combined with a compelling scenery, this engaging ride will certainly enchant the Polish public.”