Polin, manufacturers of water slides and waterparks around the world, are tapping into the camping market, offering innovative solutions for camping and caravan parks.

During the Covid-19 crisis in 2020, Polin completed more than 30 projects at camping sites, including bringing its signature waterslides to camping parks, such as Glassy, the world’s first fully transparent waterslide.

Polin’s additions are designed to help give camping and holiday parks, as well as aquatic centres, an enticing boost, encouraging families and guests to spend more time enjoying the facilities.

The camping sector is gaining momentum, transitioning from a low-cost tourism niche into a mainstream and versatile recreation experience. Europe is forecast to retain its leading position in the camping and caravanning market worldwide, particularly among younger demographics which are increasingly preferring camping and caravanning accommodation over hotels.

Polin provides attractions and facilities designed to make camping and caravanning parks unique and to help ensure customers keep coming back.