Quassy Amusement & Waterpark in Middlebury, Connecticut, is encouraging visitors to become scientists, with a Fun With Physics educational program. Fun With Physics is 38-page scholastic booklet that was developed by the amusement and waterpark, which involves students visiting the site participating in a variety of fun and educational experiments.

The educational project has been accredited by the American Association of Physics Teachers.  One experiment involves students using an accelerometer to complete several questions related to the motion of the Tidal Wave swinging ship.

Another is centred on coming up with a formula to determine the average speed of coasters within the park. Eric Anderson, president of Quassy, commented on the park’s science program: “Our physics booklet really provides an exceptional educational experience for students while visiting the park. Teachers have the opportunity to assign as many projects as they want and there’s something in there for most grade levels,” said Anderson.

For younger students visiting Quassy, there is an Elementary series of worksheets, designed specifically for elementary classes. The Elementary projects includes math quizzes. spelling and art assignments.

For younger students the park offers an Elementary program, a series of worksheets specifically designed for elementary classes. The project includes spelling and math quizzes, as well as art assignments.

In addition, Quassy will continue to offer its popular Wacky Science interactive stage presentation, whereby students participate in fun and educational experiments on stage.