Diners at the popular LuLu’s restaurant in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, will be able to enjoy a thrilling experience as they dine, with the opening of a new Sky Trail aerial attraction.

Lucy “LuLu” Buffett, who owns three signature restaurants in Florida, Alabama and South Carolina, is opening a second Sky Trail attraction at the much-loved eateries. The restaurant brand already has a Sky Trail ride at its Gulf Shores location in Alabama.

The 48-foot tall Sky Trail is being designed and installed by Ropes Courses Incorporated (RCI). It is due to open in mid-February at the waterfront restaurant, which is renowned for its fun marine-inspired menu and popular gift shop.

The family-orientated attraction will comprise of 26 different elements designed to challenge both children and adults, including a precarious ‘Walk the Plank’, with a coloured wheel at the end where visitors who have dared to ‘walk the plank’ can pull the chord and set the wheel in motion.

Bringing another thrilling dimension to the attraction is its Quicklump free-fall exit, in which visitors jump from and land three storeys down on a soft-landing area.

The Sky Trail is named ‘LuLu’s Mountain of Youth’ and boasts a vibrant colour scheme of yellow, turquoise and hot pink to blend with the tropical theme of the restaurant.

Talking about the opening of the new ride, Lucy Buffet said:

“LuLu’s has always been about family. When we added our first Sky Trail at the Gulf Shores location, it was wildly successful and complemented our mission to create a coastal dining and recreational experience for families. The kids get to play in a safe environment while the grown -ups get to have a drink, enjoy delicious fun food and listen to live music.”

RCI has built and installed its Sky Trail attractions in 30 different countries around the world in a whole host of venues, including restaurants, amusement parks, shopping centres, zoos, tourist attractions and more.

Jim Liggett, president and founder of RCI, explained why LuLu’s restaurants are perfect for Sky Trail attractions.

“The LuLu’s restaurants and their bustling gift shops have been exceptionally fun for installing two of our Sky Trails along with a Sky Tykes. The whole energetic vibe of LuLu’s restaurants and shops is about fun, food and music which is the perfect fit for us and our attractions.”