The world’s tallest pendulum ride is coming to Texas to the Six Flags Fiesta theme park in San Antonio.

Aptly named the Joker Wild Card, the new attraction will be the fastest ride at the attraction park, as well as the tallest.

Thrill-seekers will swing back and forth to a record-breaking 17 storeys high on a giant disk at a white-knuckle speed of 75 miles per hour.  Guests will feel exhilaratingly weightless as they are flung 172-feet in the air.

Paying homage to Batman’s iconic villain the Joker, the ride is located in the DC Universe section of the park, providing an enthralling feature to compliment the area’s trilogy of superheroes.

Jeffery Siebert, president of the Six Flags Fiesta park, shared his enthusiasm of the imminent opening of the thrilling new ride.

“The Joker Wild Card will be the fastest ride in park history and is the perfect villainous twist to our already spectacular ride line-up in the newly themed DC Universe area,” said Siebert.

The Six Flags Fiesta’s newest ride follows an equally thrilling addition in 2018 with the arrival of the Wonder Woman: Golden Lasso Coaster, the world’s first single rail rollercoaster, which boasts a single track that is a mere 15.5 inches wide.

Six Flags Fiesta is the biggest themed attraction park in San Antonio, featuring dozens of exhilarating rides, shows and activities. The park was built by Gaylord Entertainment Company and first opened in March 1992.

In 1996 the attraction park was bought by Time Warner, which renamed it a Six Flags park. This popular theme park spans a vast 200 acres and is a favourite site for the whole family to enjoy some white-knuckle thrills all year round.