Following the approval to construct a £250 million wellbeing resort, Therme Group has appointed a leadership team to drive the Therme wellness centre project in Manchester on.

Therme Group are specialists in creating wellbeing resorts around the world. They have completed highly successful projects across Europe for more than 20 years. Therme Group prides itself of providing inclusive and affordable health and wellbeing opportunities to diverse communities.

Therme Manchester is due to open in 2023. It is set to become the largest all-season water-based attraction in the world.

The UK team that will oversee the wellbeing project in Manchester, comprises of Stelian Jacob, Adrian Ion, Anne-Marie Garner, Duncan Newbury, Richard Land and James Mark.

Stelian Jacob will act as CEO of Therme Group UK. Jacob is also vice president of Therme Group globally. Adrian Ion, who has broad experience in corporate and operational finance, has been appointed as vice president of corporate finance and CFO.

Anne-Marie Garner has more than 20 years’ experience as general counsel, is joining Therme Group team as vice president of legal and corporate governance. Duncan Newbury is taking the role of vice president of brand strategy and marketing director. Newbury is experienced in developing popular leisure and entertainment propositions and working with major venues.

Richard Land is appointed as chief development officer and James Mark is acting a chief operating officer and will be responsible for the strategic planning and tactical implementation of UK operations.

Dr Robert Hanea, chairman and CEO of Therme Group, commented: “The exceptional UK leadership team will drive the rapid development of our UK projects. The team, each an expert in his or her field, are united in delivering Therme Group’s vision of ‘wellbeing for all’.

“Their work will see this realised in projects which bring profound benefits to the health and wellbeing of communities throughout the country,” Hanea continued.