Gardaland has revealed details of its latest attraction – a Drop & Twist Tower.

The octagonal tower will provide a novel twist on a classic ride – with riders welcomed on board to the notes of a ritual chant, surrounded by glittering symbols to be deciphered, accompanied by illuminating lighting effects. The 25-metre (82ft) tower will be decorated with a striking high purple design. 

Riders will ascend to the highest point of the attraction followed by a swift plummet through dense clouds of smoke. Gardaland’s newest ride will then climb up and down several times and repeatedly rotate around the axis of the tower, for a memorable experience before the final descent.

Gardaland’s CEO Sabrina de Carvalho commented: “We can’t wait to inaugurate this attraction that is destined to become a new icon of Gardaland. Thanks to its impressive set design and light and sound effects, our guests will be involved in a memorable experience. It promises to be not just a fun experience but also a real adventure, which will spark the imagination and guarantee excitement for our visitors.”

The ride is currently being put in its place thanks to operational teams on park and external. The three pieces that make up the new Drop & Twist Tower weigh a total of around 22,000 kg.

Much like a jigsaw puzzle, the pieces were carefully assembled together in a horizontal position and, subsequently − with the help of two cranes − hoisted by means of straightening operations specifically designed for the area in question.

The new tower is equipped with a hydraulic system that allows the different movements and effects of the gondola to be controlled via a state-of-the-art touch screen control panel.

Gardaland confirmed that the logistical operation that allowed the work to be completed on site before the opening of the park was also rendered possible thanks to collaboration between Gardaland and Mesaroli Group, a team of expert transporters. They worked together, studying every single detail, to move this imposing tower from its place of construction − in the province of Padua − to the heart of the park 50 miles away.

Images: Gardaland