Tivoli, the second oldest amusement park in Europe, has opened for Christmas until January 3, 2021. The Danish theme park is adhering to strict health and safety measures to ensure guests and staff are safe from the Covid-19 threat.

Tivoli is adorned in a festive wonderland, with the main entrance glittering in Swarovski crystals. A colourful light projection of a glowing heart on the clouds shines above the park and the city of Copenhagen. The heart is a symbol of the unity of the people of Denmark and the closeness and love they have shown during this difficult year.

In front of Tivoli’s restaurant and hotel, a 3.5-emtre-tall glowing heart can be fund, accompanied with a light projection of colourful images of an old-fashioned village, with a baker, electrician, hairdresser and watchmaker.

In the park’s Boulevard Garden, the largest tree is wrapped in a frosty, winter-white light.

Susanne Mørch Koch, CEO of Tivoli, commented on how the park has been prioritising health and safety: “Throughout 2020 we’ve gotten better and better at implementing and thinking up new ways to keep our guests safe while also keeping our doors open. We want to be able to allow everyone to visit Tivoli since we know that a trip to Tivoli is a big part of many Dane’s different traditions throughout both summer, autumn, winter, and spring. We also want to keep contributing to getting the economy back on its feet, and to do so, we need to keep our doors open and as many people employed as possible.

“However, we do take Covid-19 very seriously, and that is why we have implemented a lot of restrictions and precautions. We will not hesitate to close the gates. But right now, we are confident that we can stay open while staying safe,” she added.