Toronto Zoo in Ontario, Canada, ​​has revealed grand ideas which will transform the 287-acre attraction’s visitor experience.

The plans unveiled are to include building a hotel and a new indoor animal viewing areas with both to be used during the winter period, as well as at least two new conservation campuses.

The grand blueprint is the result of a consultation period which began in September 2020, when a contract was awarded to a design consortium led by Mandaworks.

In April 2021, Fennessy Consulting Services became part of the consulting team to provide cost consulting services.

The consultation process involved liaising with stakeholders and reviewing existing MOU’s with existing partners and assessing the zoo’s funding plans.

“The Master Plan is a critical long-term planning document that provides the board of management and the Toronto Zoo a roadmap to guide our long-term plans, future growth, and development,” zoo officials confirmed.

“It also provides a conceptual framework to guide future capital investment and direct fundraising activities to reflect our long-term sustainability plans and our commitment to the wildlife conservation movement.

“The Toronto Zoo 2020 Master Plan was developed through extensive research and consultation from staff, volunteers, members, guests, donors, stakeholders, and community partners.

“It will provide a roadmap for the next 20 years and aligns with the Zoo’s mission and vision, bringing us to the forefront as one of the top zoos in the world.”