Treasure Hunt: The Ride has opened courtesy of a joint partnership between Alterface, Sally Dark Rides and Daniels Wood Land (DWL).

Treasure Hunt: The Ride is an interactive dark ride adventure in Monterey, California which takes guests on a modern-day pirate adventure in search of Captain Bouchard’s lost treasure. 

The ride was officially launched on Saturday, 22 July, introducing an exclusive experience to visitors and residents of Monterey.

With physical targets, including props and characters and real-time interactive media, Treasure Hunt’s interactive elements are ‘memorable and fun.’ 

Big screens fill several scenes and projection mapping animates various set pieces.

Stephane Battaille, CEO of Alterface said: “We are delighted to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Sally Dark Rides and Daniels Wood Land on this project. Our team worked hard to help create an interactive experience that immerses guests in the world of pirates and treasure hunting. 

“We believe this unforgettable adventure, which combines cutting-edge technology with immersive theming and interactive gameplay, will thrill and delight guests of all ages.”

Jeff Moser, general manager for Treasure Hunt at Daniels Wood Land, commented: “I’ve always been very confident in the theming aspects of the ride because that is where our company specializes.

“Any concerns about how the digital targeting would work were quickly squashed by the team of Francois, Brice and Nicolas at Alterface. They were extremely knowledgeable about the equipment, very diligent in their work, and unquestionably played a central role in the project’s success!”

“We really enjoy working with the Alterface team,” said Rich Hill, Chief Creative Officer with Sally Dark Rides. 

“They have provided interactive systems for almost a dozen of our dark rides to date. The interactive system they created over the years functions well and thoroughly engages guests on our dark rides. Alterface continues to push the boundaries of interactive gameplay and introduce new technology and elements with each new project.”

Additional project partners with Treasure Hunt: The Ride include: Gosetto (track-based ride system), Pure Imagination Studios (gameplay and media), TechniLux (lighting) and Extreme Engineering (opening elevator scene).

Image: Alterface