Using a combination of WiFi sensors, 3D cameras and data processing software, Denmark’s Universe Science Park has implemented a system to give it a better understanding of how its visitors move through and use the facility.

By adopting the Veovo BlipTrack queue and flow management solution, the park in Nordborg hopes to improve its daily and long-term business decisions, improve staffing and ensure that guests enjoy the best of what it has to offer. Real-time information collected from the sensors and cameras is analysed by the system to help the park’s operations team to get ahead of flow issues before they happen. It also provides live attraction wait time information.

“The park is all about learning about science and technology, and we believe in a data-driven future,” says Jonas Lutterman, chief operating officer at Universe. “So it is natural for us to also use cutting-edge technology to run the park optimally. With Veovo’s high-tech sensors and advanced data analysis, we will have a detailed real-time, as well as historical, seamless picture of guest flow, enabling us to dynamically make strategic operational and park design decisions, rather than basing them on gut feeling.”

Universe Science Park offers a place where children and adults alike can play and learn about natural science and technology. This summer it was the first facility worldwide to open a ParadropVR attraction from the British company Frontgrid. Other venues to have implemented Veovo’s queue management systems include the international airports including Amsterdam Schiphol, New York JFK and Manchester, UK.