Vekoma has revealed a world’s first coaster feature for a ride located at Dreamworld, Queensland.

Known as ‘Jungle Rush’ it will be the first switchback coaster created by Vekoma, “with the ride design supporting multiple different cycle paths,” added Vekoma.

A differential ride path is an innovation which will enhance riders’ enthusiasm and so Vekoma will deliver one of fans’ most-wanted ride elements.

Dreamworld has invested £18m into the attraction which is slated to open later this year in time for the summer holidays in the southern hemisphere.

Jungle Rush will be located in the Rivertown land at Dreamworld. 

“The ex-military Caribou dual-engine propellor plane has crashed into the jungle. Could this be the start of Rivertown’s story? Stay tuned to find out!” teased Dreamworld.

Images: Dreamworld