A top thrill is in store for coaster fans around the world next year when the reimagined Top Thrill 2 coaster will be officially relaunched. And to heighten anticipation, its ride manufactures Zamperla has unveiled the new train designs during the first morning of IAAPA Expo.

The train features a predominantly blue design with ride and white lines streaking along it. A white ‘C’ and red ‘P’ are adorned at the front of the vehicle in a nod to Cedar Point.

The trade show was a buzz with activity during its unveiling. During the media launch, Zamperla’s Roller Coaster Sales & Marketing Director Adam Sandy commented: “It is really an amazing piece of technology. The vehicle is inspired by high performance racing. 

“We used an aluminium chassis to reduce weight and created an aerodynamic and sleek nosecone as when you’re going fast, aerodynamics is key. We thought a lot about the weight and the shape of the train to give the best guest experience possible.

“The wheels are a little over 20 inches tall. We need that increased wheel size as we are doing the three launches of going forwards, backwards and forwards again and, as there is so much heat generated, it is a great way to make sure the wheels don’t get too hot going that fast.

“The seats are very comfortable with comfortable restraints so you get that open air experience. When you’re going that fast, it is going to feel amazing.

“From an aesthetics and engineering perspective, it is next level technology.

“It is a beautiful train and one of the best things our company has ever done. What Zamperla and Cedar Point have done together is truly exciting.”

Top Thrill 2 will be the world’s tallest and fastest LSM triple-launch coaster upon its return in 2024. 

Images: IAAPA