Taking part in the annual Legends Panel during the IAAPA Expo 2020, will be the creatives responsible for creating The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man attraction.

The attraction opened at Universal’s Islands of Adventure just over 20 years ago. Three Legends from the attractions industry will share how they led the team that conceptualised the ride and brought it to life. The speakers will talk about creative leadership strategies. They will also present lessons in audacity, creativity and leadership that guests can apply to their own work.

The annual Legends Panel is curated and hosted each year by Bob Rogers. Rogers is the founder and CEO of BRC Imagination Arts, a global strategy, design and production company which translates brand and cultural stories into transformative, human experiences.

The Legends Behind the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man is being held on November 17 during the IAAPA Expo 2021, which is taking place in Orlando, Florida.