With the opening this summer of the new Hyperion mega coaster, Polish amusement park Energylandia can lay claim to having one of the tallest roller coasters in Europe.

The 77m high Intamin mega coaster snatches the title of second place from Shambhala at PortAventura World in Spain, which is just 1m shorter. Only PortAventura’s Red Force (part of Ferrari Land) is taller.

Hyperion was officially opened to the public on July 14. Its first drop is 80m long, with a breathtaking 84° slope that runs into a long tunnel. It reaches a top speed of 142km/h – faster than cars are legally permitted to drive on Polish motorways.

“We guarantee excitement not only at the start, but also throughout the entire 1.5 kilometres of the ride,” says an Energylandia spokesperson. “You can expect amazing positive and negative load factors as well as exhilarating speed. All adrenaline seekers will surely find what they are looking for on the Hyperion!”

The towering construction comes complete with two 28-seater trains, each comprising seven rows of four seats. Meanwhile the Hyperion station has been designed to resemble an abandoned research space station, immersing guests in the action right from the very start.

The ride was officially opened on July 14 to celebrate the fourth birthday of Energylandia. The fast-growing amusement park, which is located in Zator, now boasts a total of 12 coasters. As part of the birthday celebrations back in July, a beach party was held at Energylandia’s own waterpark, which itself has undergone a major expansion this summer.