The ‘Light of Revenge’ LSM triple launch coaster has successfully opened to the public at Happy Valley Nanjing, China.

The grand opening of the new attraction took place on December 22, 2021.

Designed and built by Intamin, a leader in the manufacture of amusement rides and attractions, the LMS triple launch coaster is based on the iconic Cheetah Hunt layout at Busch Gardens Tampa. It does however offer a more updated ride experience, boasting the latest train design and Intamin’s advanced LSM propulsion system.

Light sources are positioned along the track, which illuminates the attraction in different colours. The trains also feature LED lights that are built into the chassis for a spectacle when operating at night.

The ride boasts a 1,300m track. One of its many highlights is the Figure Eight Tower Element, which is visible from across the park.

The area around the coaster is heavily themed with large structures to make the ride feel like a real space odyssey, which includes several near miss moments.

In a statement about the opening of the ride, Intamin said: “Intamin is thankful and equally proud of having contributed to the continued success of Happy Valley, Nanjing, China.”