Asian tourism giant OCT Shanghai and French multimedia group ECA2 are putting the finishing touches to a bold new architectural landmark at Happy Valley amusement park in Shanghai, China.

Built at the heart of Happy Valley, Lake of Illusions is a tranquil landmark by day and a multimedia spectacle by night.

“To match the grand scale of its context in Happy Valley, Lake of Illusions was conceived to stand out in every dimension,” explained ECA2 chairman and CEO, Jean-Christophe Canizares. “It’s a true 360-degree icon that dominates its setting and intrigues the park’s visitors.

“At night, spectators will thrill to the spectacle of the tower as it seemingly grows wings, with impressive water screens and video effects weaving their magic. Artistically controlled by cutting-edge technology, the effects change and merge through time and space in every dimension: reaching higher, wider and deeper through different planes.”

To make Lake of Illusions even more special, ECA2 spent one year in R&D to develop a unique new effect called Spyroscreen. This innovative system uses rotating water jets to produce a giant spectral surface where video, light and laser images can be viewed as never before.

Pixel mapping machines installed in the icon help create a sense of movement, along with moving water jets, moving lights, mist, flames, lasers and video projection. Eleven sources of sound strategically placed around the site complete the immersive experience.

Lake of Illusions opens on July 10.