Southwest Colorado’s only mountain coaster opened to the public on August 25. Supplied by ADG, the attraction will operate year-round.

The Inferno Mountain Coaster at Purgatory Resort starts from a height of 300ft and features nine switchbacks and a 360° degree loop. The track rises as high as 40ft in the air in some places. Individual carts reach speeds of up to 25 miles per hour as they coast down the 4,000ft-long track.

“The new Inferno Mountain Coaster is an absolute blast to ride,” states Elizabeth Howe, general manager of Purgatory Resort in Durango, Colorado. “This thrilling new ride zips you through aspen trees with twists and turns revealing incredible views of the San Juan Mountains.”

The new attraction employs a motorised pulley that takes the carts uphill on a track. At the top of the hill, gravity whisks guests down. Riders regulate their own speed with a handbrake.

Rides are $20 per person, or included as part of Purgatory Resort’s Summer Total Adventure Ticket.

Images courtesy Purgatory Resort